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Cisco Certifications offered by ICT

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Cisco Certifications offered by ICT. ICT envision ourselves being the foremost reliable and leading coaching supplier in each standard and distant learning arenas within the region. ICT have a tendency to intend providing access to our trendy labs (even remotely) and technically advanced coaching venue to make sure premium level of services is delivered to all or any student.

CCIE R & S – ICT Trainings

CCIE R & S1 - ict Trainings

CCIE R & S2 - ict Trainings

CCIE Security – ICT Trainings

CCIE Security - ict Trainings

CCNA – ICT Trainings

CCNA1 - ict Trainings

CCNA2 - ict Trainings

CCNA3 - ict Trainings

CCNA4 - ict Trainings

CCNP – ICT Trainings

ccnp1 - ict Trainings

ccnp2 - ict Trainings

CCNP Security – ICT Trainings

CCNP Security1 - ict Trainings

CCNP Security2 - ict Trainings

CCNP Voice – ict Trainings

CCNP Voice1 - ict Trainings

CCNP Voice2 - ict Trainings

CCNP Voice3 - ict Trainings

CCNP Voice4 - ict Trainings

CCNP Voice5 - ict Trainings

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