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The nopCommerce Public License Version 3.0 (“NPL”)


Single Domain Licence

You are granted a nontransferable single domain / single website licence when you purchase a Theme from Appanox Studios – Programming Pakistan at a non-unique price.

The single site licence grants you the ability to use the Theme on a single “top level domain” only e.g. www.yourdomain.com, the domain can be private or that of a client.

To use one and the same Theme on multiple TLDs you need to purchase a licence for each TLD where the Theme will be used.

Sub-domains can use the Theme so long as they are a structural part of the main website, using sub-domains for hosting sites (e.g. domain1.domain.com, domain2.domain.com) does not apply – each sub-domain would in this case require its own licence.

An Example For Sub-domains:

If you have lets say 10 different websites, each website has its own subject e.g. Photography, Cooking, Cars etc. and all of these websites are sub domains of your main website, you would need 11 licences (1 x TLD, 10 x Sub-domains). Why, because these sub-domains are independent of the main domain. They don’t have anything to do with the main domain, they don’t share any identity or structure, they are fully independent, but they are hosted via the main domain.

If on the other hand you use sub domains to structure your website, meaning all of the sites use one and the same navigation, design, layout structure etc. that would be a different situation. Using sub-domains for extremely large sites has been a common practice in the past and as such can use one licence even if there are 20 sub-domains, so long as they are all a structural part of the top level domain.


TLDs => Top-level Domains e.g. .uk, .biz, .com, .org, .net, .edu, .gov, the list goes on.

TLDs are not treated in the same way as sub-domains so if you are using TLDs in a similar way to sub-domains you still have to buy a licence per TLD.

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