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Editorial Team. Programming Pakistan is a site aimed at designers, developers and beginners, offering tutorials, tips and articles to improve your knowledge and skills relating to programming languages such as C, C++, C#, .NET, Java, jsp, asp, php, Ruby on Rail, etc.


  • Manage site content related to Codes, Algorithms, CMS, Networking and Tutorials.
  • Appearance and Graphics Designing.
  • Performance and SEO.
  • Features and  Functionality.
  • Traffic Analysis.

Rizwan Khan

  • Manage articles related to Codes, Algorithms, News, Networking and Tutorials.
  • Feedback Management.
  • Manage Network Traffic.
  • Users Tracking.


  • Manage articles related to Network, News, Tips and Tutorials.
  • Provide assistance to Users.
  • Forum Management.
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